Generator Lift Design

Generator Lift at Florida Power & Light - Manatee Plant

ISSI teamed up with MDA Turbines and Beyel Brothers to lift a generator at a power plant in central Florida.  All three companies worked together to lift a 1.2 million pound generator.  The lifting was done on top of the reinforced concrete pedestal and was maintained for ten days to allow for inspections and to complete the necessary repairs to the concrete turbine pedestal, concrete grout and sole plate supporting the generator.

The generator was lifted approximately 8 feet high using a temporary support system placed on top of the concrete turbine pedestal.  The crane supported 75% of the weight and the remaining 25% was supported by the vertical beams.  The generator was monitored on a daily basis to ensure that the weight was distributed properly.

Steven Sandidge, ISSI's Senior Engineer, provided structural engineering support for the project.