Foundation Stabilization and Repair

There are foundation stabilization repair companies that are good at identifying the tale tale signs of foundation settlement and foundation failure such as sticking windows and doors, cracking in interior & exterior doors, or cracks in foundation walls, yet few of those who assist in identifying these issues are engineers.  More often than not they are technicians who know how to install material to repair or stabilize the foundation using a rule of thumb method which may or may not address the problem.  This can cost the client more than it should. It can also lead to installing material for stabilization & repair on a foundation that should be repaired prior to installing such material.  

Often times foundation repair companies do not use the services of a Professional Engineer unless specifically requested by the client.  We have engineers on staff that will work alongside contractors to review and approve every project prior to estimating & implementing any recommended repairs.  All repairs are signed & sealed by our Engineer.

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